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Revenge of Random Thursday May 7, 2009

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Time again for another bout of Random Thursday. Here we go!

1. I am starting another sock design! (yaaaay) This one has a spring/summer sort of a theme, and I’m not totally sure whether or not I’ll post about it much here. I may submit this one to a magazine, and they don’t like the submissions to be previously shared on teh intarwebs. I’m excited about it though! I’m probably using this yarn here.


Some o’ that hand-dyed stuff from Jill. I’m going to swatch it tomorrow, see how it knits up.

2. The weather here has been mostly in-freaking-credible. Exhibit A:

Leaf!This makes me happy.

3. Only 2 sleeps until Shepherd’s Harvest! I’m SO excited. I’m basically planning to bring nearly my entire year’s worth of yarn budget, and if I spend it, it’s spent. I figure it’s worth it, at my first fiber festival ever. I also hear the vendors are the best there are in the area (and there’s TONS) so I don’t want to have to stint myself.

4. Episode 4 of the podcast is up, with minimal bizarre noise interference! Still not sure why that happens, but at least it only happened a little bit at the very end on this recording.

5. I’ve started Panda Hat #2 for my coworker, since his ex decided they need a matching one for their baby boy. I’m making it to fit about a 2 year old so he can wear it for a while.

6. I am most likely participating in the Fiber Sandwich event at Shepherd’s Harvest! I was told there are spots left, so I sent my registration. Hope I wasn’t too late, I would so love to do this (for the linkophobes, it’s an event where vendors donate lots of fiber, it’s all layered together, and stripped into 4oz sections. Each section is given to a spinner, who spins it overnight and then brings the finished yarn in on Sunday, and all of the yarn is auctioned off and the proceeds given to Heifer International which just so happens to be my most favorite charity!).

7. Here’s a photo I particularly like, but didn’t share yet, from Sunday when I got my camera.

Kitty kisses.


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