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Well, I got SOMEthing done May 3, 2009

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But it wasn’t spinning.

Last night our tax refund showed its lousy face, finally, so this morning I was finally able to buy myself a new camera! I got a Canon Powershot A480, and compared to my old Pentax this thing is a friggin’ luxury, let me tell you. I can even take pictures in the evening. INDOORS. I love it. The macro function is excellent, too.


I’ve decided to join “Macro May” on Flickr, now that I have a good camera. The idea is that you take one macro shot every day in May. I have a couple of days of catchup to do, so here are a few.




Other than that, Janelle and I just played the Sims most of the day. We also made pizza, which was fun, and it turned out pretty good. So I did not spin today, I’m afraid. But, I did take a better photo of my “anton” yarn!



One Response to “Well, I got SOMEthing done”

  1. Abby Says:

    Awesome picture quality! Yay new camera!

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