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Curses, foiled again May 2, 2009

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I tried to knit today. I really did. I spent all morning working on it. I was trying to start a hat that a friend had requested a few months ago– this transformers toque— and it just kept foiling me at every turn.

First of all, as the pattern is written (according to a lot of the project notes on Ravelry) it comes out very small. It’s written for fingering weight yarn on 3s, and a lot of people have had better luck using DK or worsted on 3s. I didn’t have 3s available, but I had 4s, and since the recipient of this hat has a large head I thought that would work fine. I swatched, and according to the swatch the cast-on given in the pattern of 136 stitches should have been right on. I did my provisional cast on and started in. Almost immediately, I started running into problems.

Problem 1. I did not have a 16″ cable for my size 4s. Nor did I have a 32″ or longer cable for using magic loop.

Problem 2. Even though I was using a 24″ cable, the stitches fit on the needle. Thus, probably too big.

Problem 3. Reaching the end of rnd. 2 I should have been on a 31 stitch section. There were 5 extra stitches, despite my having counted my cast-on stitches 3 times as being 136.

Problem 4. I began frothing at the mouth at this point and threw the darn thing in a box.

Thus, no knitting was accomplished today. I spent the day playing the Sims while Janelle worked on her school projects, so I had a good time anyway, and really that’s what counts I suppose.

Tomorrow I think I’ll spin.


One Response to “Curses, foiled again”

  1. Lauri Sam Says:

    The washcloth idea is a good one. Sometime I need to do mindless knitting, which I liken to using prayer beads. I knit a dishcloth or washcloth and try to unknot my worries as I go…crap I am about to burst into “these are a few of my favorite things”…which is the *last* thing you need. You got the family curse…genetics is a b****

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