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Panda Cat April 30, 2009

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As I mentioned yesterday, a coworker of mine commissioned a panda hat for his 11-year-old daughter a few weeks ago. Sine I had time last night, I started the thing, and was pleasantly surprised to recall how fast crochet goes. This hat took me a grand total of 3, maybe 3.5 hours, and part of that was because I couldn’t remember how to double crochet, and then I kept stopping. Even with all the fits and starts, that’s about… half to one-third the time it takes to knit a plain adult sized hat with no ears.

The greater problem proved to be photographing the thing at 10:15 pm.

First, I tried a basket handle on my desk.


Eh. Looks misshapen and the background is cluttered.

Then, I tried wearing it and using a mirror to get a photo.

On meBetter, but blurry and the hat is too small for me. Background is again cluttered.

Just then, I saw a small black and white creature walk by into the bedroom. That, I thought, would be the perfect model for a panda hat!


Bonus: Same panda-cat in a far-too-small box, earlier today. Took him ages to jam himself in, and Cory had to help at one point.



4 Responses to “Panda Cat”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Bahahaha! *snort* I don’t know which I love more, his panda camouflage or that startled “It doesn’t fit!” look.

  2. Kathy Sammartano Says:

    Thanks for the laughs to start my morning. He looks amazingly ok with being your model. And that “What the heck!” look when he is in the box is hilarious! You’ve got some cat there.
    Oh, and the hat is really cute, too.

  3. Lauri Sam Says:

    Cute hat…How in the world did you get your cat to *pose* with the hat on.?

  4. Rose Says:

    I love that hat! Hayley would look sooooo absolutely cute with that! Must get the pattern.

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