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Ennui? April 29, 2009

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I have a question for my fellow knitters out there.

Have you ever felt… bored with your projects? Not like knitter’s block, where nothing new appeals, or like frustration with a project. Just like nothing you have on the needles makes you want to work on it. Like nothing you’re working on is beautiful, or needs to be finished now, or tomorrow, or ever, really.

Is it just me?

Is it my projects, maybe? Are they all so dull? That can’t be it, I know the Aeolian shawl is stunning. Every time I work on it I can’t help but notice that. But it’s also very, very boring right now, and I’m not sure why. I think, well, maybe something new would help, and I cast something on… and within 5-10 rows I’m bored, bored, bored again.

I’m not really sure what to do about it. Maybe just spin, for a while, I suppose. Or maybe it’s the fact that work has been so busy this week I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone knit at my desk. That in turn makes me tired, so when I get home I don’t want to work on anything complex, and I haven’t been keen on any of the simpler projects that I have on hand.

Any ideas? I miss knitting. I also have a crocheted hat I am supposed to be doing for a coworker, but a combination of this boredom and my slight dislike of said coworker (he whines a lot) makes it hard for me to do it. I should, though, since he’s paying me… hmm. I suppose I’ll do that now, while I’m thinking about it. Maybe that would get my hands working and make me feel better.

The Beat coffee shop today was a success, I think. The baristo seemed surprised to see us– it was very dead, so maybe Weds nights are no-customer night usually– but it was pretty quiet and there was lots of seating and decent light, so I think we’ll go back there next week.


4 Responses to “Ennui?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I quite liked The Beat. I really liked the (quiet) music selection. I got there around 6, and it was a nice space to sit and hang out online and knit a little.

    I’m looking forward to going back next week.

    And it’s next to KinhDo, which we love (I had dinner there tonight before going to The Beat).

  2. Abby Says:

    Yes, I have felt *exactly* that. Usually when I actually have time to knit all I want.

    Unfortunately I have the opposite lately, I want to knit *everything* and have cast on a couple of projects this week, but I’ve been reading tons (400+ pages this week…) so I’ve not had much time for knitting. =(

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Glad to hear Beat was a success! We stopped there this morning for a jolt and the barista told us that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the slowest days. I’m glad to know that we can help them out in that department.

  4. Nicole Says:

    I understand the project ennui. Right now I’ve got like eight projects on the needles, haven’t knit anything in almost a week, and have no will to cast-on something new. (I get the same way with writing sometimes, only instead of not wanting to start anything new, I only want to write pointless BS, like fan fiction…)

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