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Home again, home again April 26, 2009

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As much as I like going away for a while, I love coming home. Not only is my husband and all of my stuff here, but kitties! Bonus awesome. I missed kitties, even if they do try to climb into my lap when I’m spinning but avoid me when I want to cuddle.

I spun up the rest of the “anton” fiber singles today, but didn’t get to ply them yet. Pictures after I do, probably tomorrow or Tuesday. After I got home, I made a couple of greeting cards (just quick ones, nothin’ fancy) for my new penpals that I got on Rav!

Here’s the one for Robin (HappyCat).

Pink card

And here’s the one for Esther (scrubmonkey).

Pirate card

The insides are blank. They’re just little hello cards as I don’t have any stationery. I like this better, anyway.

ps, if anyone wants to see ALL the craft retreat photos, mine and my mom’s are both here.


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