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The weathermen lied April 25, 2009

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According to the forecast, it was supposed to be rather dreary up here in Grantsburg, WI this weekend. Yesterday we had bit of a rainstorm, so we expected it to continue today. It was grey this morning, but as the day went on it turned out gorgeous– warm, but not hot, and sunny.

Perfect for photos!

My mom and aunt made paper from a kit today, it came out beautifully.


I spent a lot of the day spinning, again. I tried out a bit of a carbonized bamboo sample I picked up a while back. It wants to spin really, really fine. Like, sewing thread fine.


I spun up a little over half of the “anton” fiber I started spinning a while ago. I love the way it’s turning out.


I also cast on for my Summer’s End cardigan today, but since I only got about 50 stitches into row 1 it’s nothing to look at yet.

We’re going home tomorrow evening, so tomorrow’s blog post will be made from my own bedroom! Kind of exciting, because as much as I like the select comfort bed I have here, the pillow rather gives me a headache. Wrong neck support, or something.


One Response to “The weathermen lied”

  1. berlinbetty Says:

    The paper is beautiful! I made paper once from recycled clothes, it was stinky, but awesome.

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