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No checkpoint. April 22, 2009

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I did not, in fact, get to four repeats tonight. I got two and a bit. Partially this was due to a really, really bad day at work; partially it was due to the headache I’m currently nursing; and partially it is due to the lovely, shiny burn I managed to inflict on my left hand. Hint: don’t grab a hot cookie sheet to balance it unless you have an oven mitt on.

I have a curious tendency, I’ve found, to forget that my left hand feels pain. Generally, I’m very careful about my right hand, but when it comes to steadying things or grabbing things to pass them over to the right hand with my left, I tend to forget that hand is made of the same stuff as the other and just dive right in. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m hoping I get over it soon. It’s not nice.

I can knit with the burn, but not nearly as fast as normal. Typing hurts so this will be a short entry, but it didn’t blister, so that’s a bonus anyway.

The craft group met again tonight, and it was decided that the Tea Garden is just Too Darn Noisy (and full of high schoolers) for us to meet there regularly. Sad, as I do love taro bubble tea, but it just isn’t worth it. We’ll be discussing a new location and I’ll put it up here before next Wednesday.

Tomorrow is (thank GOODNESS) my last day of work this week. I came as close as I ever have to snapping at someone today, and I really need a break. Wish I could afford to call in tomorrow, but hey, it builds character. Right?


One Response to “No checkpoint.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    *hugs* It does build character, and is also hard to just tough it out. I know what you mean.

    I’m looking forward to hopefully being energetic enough to make it next week. Despite all of my great intentions… last night I just didn’t have it in me to walk across the room, let alone get in the car.

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