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Weekends need to be longer April 19, 2009

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That didn’t feel like two days. No way. Even though I stayed up late both Friday and Saturday night, and didn’t sleep in much, I still feel like I was shafted at least 8 hours of weekend.

Short as it was, today was nice. Cory and I made waffles for breakfast, and then I made bread. Around 12:30, Janelle and I went to my mom’s for tea and crafting. We had a nice time, and I worked a bit on 3 different projects– my baudelaires, my shawl (yep, I did 2 whole rows! GASP), and a spinning project. My mom knit a bit on the baby sweater she’s making, and also worked on a needlepoint project, and Janelle worked on some cross-stitch. It certainly geared me up for this coming weekend, when I get to spend 3 whole days crafting with my family! I have high hopes that I’ll get a lot done. By Sunday evening, I would like to:

* finish the baudelaire socks

* get 15 more rows done on the Aeolian shawl (would bring me within 10 rows of done, I believe)

* start and get well into (if not finish) at least 1 wheel spinning project

* get at least half done with the BFL spindle project I have on my Kundert

* start a new pair of socks

* work at least a little on one cross stitch and/or embroidery project (yes, did you even know that I did cross stitch and embroidery? I have, in the past anyway)

Yes, I’m aware this list is a little bit… optimistic. But I have to start somewhere. I won’t feel bad if I don’t get all of this done- heck, I might decide I just want a break and slowly work on some plain socks or something, and that would be just fine. But it’s good to have some ideas.

I made aloo gobi again for dinner tonight. I’ve got the recipe just about perfected now, and it is really, really good. We had it with fresh bread, and then Janelle played the Sims while I got a bit farther in LoZ: the Phantom Hourglass.

Incidentally, the podcast is now up to 87 downloads! Very exciting- can’t believe we’re already almost to 100.


One Response to “Weekends need to be longer”

  1. Lauri Sam Says:

    A crafting weekend sounds divine. I am envious. Your ‘to-do’ list cracks me up… I always make lists like that and then wind up doing something entirely different. (Rebel that I am.) I hope your DNA lets you be less A.D.D. than mine does.

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