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Dichotomous April 18, 2009

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Today was rather neatly divided into two parts, with the dividing line falling almost exactly at noon. I woke up feeling driven and motivated, made breakfast, cleaned, and got groceries. I felt great! We got so much done! The apartment is wonderfully clean, the fridge is full, I have all of the meals for the next 2 weeks planned out…

But then we got home from the grocery store, and for reasons unknown, my internal motor broke. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Knitting- boring. Spinning- boring. Video games- eh, still boring, though maybe less so… oh wait I got stuck. Ok, boring. There was nothing on tv, Cory suffered a similar video game situation, even listening to podcasts seemed dull. In short, it was a rather disappointing afternoon.

I want to make the evening less that way, that I may not waste my remaining hours of Saturday, but I’m still not sure anything appeals. Quick, anyone have a brilliant idea? I’m at a loss here. I just don’t want making tacos for dinner to be the highlight of my evening, y’know?


2 Responses to “Dichotomous”

  1. berlinbetty Says:

    go get some pie. ice cream? dessert is always fun for me. Go see a comedy, ummm, maybe a beer?

  2. sheepishlittleblog Says:

    All good ideas which unfortunately involve spending money. Sadly not an option at the mo. Ah well, soon enough I’ll give up and go to bed.

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