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Almost…. April 9, 2009

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I’m to the ribbing on the socks, now! Finally! About an inch and a half of that and I’ll be totally done with ’em. I’m not going to do those last few rows tonight, though– I’m taking a break so I don’t kill my hands.

Tonight, Cory and I went out with Cory’s sister and dad to dinner and the Omnitheater at the Science Museum. We saw a film on Lewis and Clark, which was very good. I haven’t been to the Omnitheater in years. It never fails to impress me. I only wish I could see 3D films on IMAX, which everyone raves about (I only have one functional eye, so I can’t see 3D.)

No work tomorrow, YAY! We do have a lot planned for this weekend, though, so I’m going to take what rest I can get while I can.


One Response to “Almost….”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    I do not rave about 3-D, because their stupid glasses do not fit over my glasses. Jerks! Also, it makes me a little sick to watch.

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