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Can I be done now? April 8, 2009

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I’ve hit the “ok, I’m sick of this project” wall with these socks. The pattern is still nice, but the brightness of the yarn combined with the pain in my hands from how non-elastic it is… not a happy knitting situation. I’ve got about 1/3 of the legs done now and I’m more than ready to be finished. Luckily, assuming my hands stay in useable condition, I will in fact be done and ready to mail ’em on Saturday. I hope they fit. I tried one on today and it was a little tight over the instep (like I said, the yarn isn’t very stretchy) but since I have a very high instep myself, I doubt it’ll be a problem. At least, I sure hope it won’t. If I have to reknit any part of these again… Well. I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

I got the quilt photo from my mom! Here it is:

Wedding QuiltIt’s huge, and just amazingly beautiful. When I get a camera I’ll take a closeup of the fabrics.

I apologize if my blog has been boring lately. I’ve been very uninspired. Hopefully this weekend will have elements that will assist with the problem, but really, I think it’s the camera thing. I may have to temporarily dip into savings and fix this sooner rather than later.

By the way, for those that are wondering… Janelle and I have sort of stopped going to Knittin’ Kitten. We were talking about it the other day– we had missed it last week when I was sick and we were talking about going this week– and we came to several conclusions. First of all, we don’t really like the location. The Spyhouse is quite dark, very busy, has little comfortable seating, the drinks are not very tasty, and the staff is obnoxious. All in all, not well adapted for a knitting group at all, let alone our tastes. The people that attend are mostly very nice, but frankly, I started going to a knitting group to make new friends, and none of the people at either group I’ve gone to seem open to new friendships. They’ll make conversation and treat new people well, but they aren’t about to invite anyone to things outside of the group, and they don’t accept invitations either. That’s fine- but it’s not the kind of group I’m looking for.

So, Janelle and I have decided to branch out. We’re staying on Weds nights at 7, but we are going to start an open all-craft group at the Tea Garden in Uptown, on Hennepin and 26th. I’ve got 4 or 5 people interested, so hopefully it’ll take off. If the Tea Garden for some reason doesn’t meet our needs, we’ll find someplace new (though I freakin’ love bubble tea so I’m really hoping this turns out to be a good location). We’ll start this up next week, so anyone in the area, if you can make it, come on down.


5 Responses to “Can I be done now?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I may not be able to make it next week (Wed night next week is the night before the big 8 am executive financial review meeting on thursday) but I’m planning on coming the week after! 🙂

  2. Tiffany Says:

    I am so there.

  3. autumn Says:

    This is on our calendar, though we may be a bit late because it is the same night as water aerobics. I freaking love the Tea Garden and this will be the perfect excuse for me to get some embroideries finished!

  4. autumn Says:

    Ps – That quilt is awesome! Two thumbs up to yr mom 😀

  5. Chris Says:

    Your quilt has two heads poking out of the top of it, that seems very odd to me….

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