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Locos is right… April 6, 2009

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But it’s not the monkeys that are crazy. Oh no. I had knit all the way up to the heel turn on my swap socks over the weekend. I’d been uneasy about the instructions for the heel gusset– the pattern says to start it at the “point where your foot and heel connect”– and that just seemed too early, particularly since the slip stitch heel pattern that’s called for is about half the length it would be in stockinette. I decided to trust the pattern and turn the heel, even though it was still a good inch and a half short of the back of my foot. After completing the heel turn, it was pretty obvious it was just plain too short… but I kept thinking maybe it was just something that had to work itself out, so I did a few more leg rows. Finally after discussing it with several people I accepted my fate… and ripped the whole gusset out.

I did another 1/2-3/4inch of the foot pattern and started the gusset again, this time with no slipped stitch pattern, and I like how it’s coming out much more now. My hand’s hurting, though, so I might have to slow down a bit tomorrow, which sucks because then I’ll be a full 2 days behind instead of just one and a bit. Oh well, there’s no strict deadline on this… just a hopeful one.


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