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I got better April 2, 2009

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What one begins with a Monty Python quote, one must also end with a Monty Python quote.

Yes, I’m not dead, in fact. I’ve been quite ill, but I feel relatively human again. Sadly, too sick to blog inherantly means too sick to knit, so I’ve gotten exactly nothing done in the last… 3 days? 4 days? A while. The days all run together when you’re doin’ nothin’ but vegging on the couch and filling garbage cans with kleenex (and watching Janelle play video games- this week was her week off of school, so she’s been over every day).

Today, however, not only did I get in my first full workday since Friday, but I knit a few rows on the swap socks.

Slightly longer?

I spread them apart a bit more in this photo so that some people *ahem Chris* will see that they are, in fact, socks. Nothing related in any way to upper female anatomy, unless said female is a mutant with feet for hands or something.

The pattern shows more now that I’ve done another repeat and a half.

Close up of design

I never understood the draw of this pattern, before (Monkey socks being the most popular sock pattern on the interwebs) but I think I get it, now. It’s still not something aesthetically winning for me- pretty, but not something I’d wear much- but the pattern is easy to remember, interesting to knit, and breaks up the colors nicely. I may knit more of these. If nothing else, I’m LOVING the two at once thing. I’m sorry, dpns, I still love you, but you have to admit… getting both socks done at once is a beautiful thing.


One Response to “I got better”

  1. Abby Says:

    I’m still torn on the two at a time thing. On the one hand you’re getting them both done so you avoid SSS, on the other hand it takes twice as long for your progress to show. I feel like I’m knitting for ever and ever and not getting anywhere.

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