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Panda Cat April 30, 2009

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As I mentioned yesterday, a coworker of mine commissioned a panda hat for his 11-year-old daughter a few weeks ago. Sine I had time last night, I started the thing, and was pleasantly surprised to recall how fast crochet goes. This hat took me a grand total of 3, maybe 3.5 hours, and part of that was because I couldn’t remember how to double crochet, and then I kept stopping. Even with all the fits and starts, that’s about… half to one-third the time it takes to knit a plain adult sized hat with no ears.

The greater problem proved to be photographing the thing at 10:15 pm.

First, I tried a basket handle on my desk.


Eh. Looks misshapen and the background is cluttered.

Then, I tried wearing it and using a mirror to get a photo.

On meBetter, but blurry and the hat is too small for me. Background is again cluttered.

Just then, I saw a small black and white creature walk by into the bedroom. That, I thought, would be the perfect model for a panda hat!


Bonus: Same panda-cat in a far-too-small box, earlier today. Took him ages to jam himself in, and Cory had to help at one point.



Ennui? April 29, 2009

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I have a question for my fellow knitters out there.

Have you ever felt… bored with your projects? Not like knitter’s block, where nothing new appeals, or like frustration with a project. Just like nothing you have on the needles makes you want to work on it. Like nothing you’re working on is beautiful, or needs to be finished now, or tomorrow, or ever, really.

Is it just me?

Is it my projects, maybe? Are they all so dull? That can’t be it, I know the Aeolian shawl is stunning. Every time I work on it I can’t help but notice that. But it’s also very, very boring right now, and I’m not sure why. I think, well, maybe something new would help, and I cast something on… and within 5-10 rows I’m bored, bored, bored again.

I’m not really sure what to do about it. Maybe just spin, for a while, I suppose. Or maybe it’s the fact that work has been so busy this week I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone knit at my desk. That in turn makes me tired, so when I get home I don’t want to work on anything complex, and I haven’t been keen on any of the simpler projects that I have on hand.

Any ideas? I miss knitting. I also have a crocheted hat I am supposed to be doing for a coworker, but a combination of this boredom and my slight dislike of said coworker (he whines a lot) makes it hard for me to do it. I should, though, since he’s paying me… hmm. I suppose I’ll do that now, while I’m thinking about it. Maybe that would get my hands working and make me feel better.

The Beat coffee shop today was a success, I think. The baristo seemed surprised to see us– it was very dead, so maybe Weds nights are no-customer night usually– but it was pretty quiet and there was lots of seating and decent light, so I think we’ll go back there next week.


Sockyarnorama April 28, 2009

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Today was apparently the Day of Sock Yarn Acquisition, rather unexpectedly. Prepare for photos!

Part 1 of DoSYA:

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jill (who lives in Canada) fell madly in love with these clear converse shoes. Sadly, Journey’s doesn’t deliver outside the US, so I offered to help her by ordering the shoes myself and mailing them to her. She was very excited and said she’d send some handdyed sock yarn along with the money for the shoes, as a thank-you sort of thing. I thought, how cool! A skein of handdyed sock yarn, dyed by a friend.

I got the box today. It ain’t no “skein of sock yarn”.

It’s FOUR, and stitch markers, all made by Jill!

Gifts from Jill!

Isn’t everything pretty?! My favorite is the tweedy teal, though I also love the one with a bit of purple. The stitch markers are just awesome, too. I couldn’t believe she sent so much! Jill, thank you again! You are awesome!

Part 2 of DoSYA:

Once I got home, I decided to sit down and ply that “anton” fiber up. Here’s what I got.

The two skeins ended up a bit different (in one the colors matched up well, in the other they barberpoled pretty much the whole time) but each one is OVER 200 YARDS! That’s over 400 yards of fingering weight! I’m not sure I’ll do socks, but that’s an option!

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. The photo doesn’t show the color depth, or how sparkly it really is, or (the best part) how incredibly soft it is. I highly, highly reccommend SugarBeeStudios‘ batts. Wonderful stuff.

ALSO: for those coming tomorrow night to the craft group! I think I’ve decided that we’ll try The Beat coffee shop on 28th and Hennepin. 7pm, as usual, though if Janelle and I aren’t there right at 7 don’t give up, we’ll be there by 7:30. Call my cell if you need directions or anything.


Good news, bad news April 27, 2009

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Bad news first, right? Always bad news first.

I got an IM from my mom, earlier, letting me know that my grandma (who was not doing well at the retreat, and unbeknownst to me had fallen on Thursday) had gotten her MRI results back, and has broken both hips at this point. The doctors (and yes, we’re all shocked and upset by this) have said they will not treat her, and after the mandatory 3 day hospital stay she’ll be going to a nursing home.

On the one hand, I’m glad she’ll have the help she needs. On the other…. they aren’t treating her? She has a broken leg and two broken hips! Are they mad???

I suppose it will eventually get figured out, but seriously. This strikes me as Very Not Okay. And it is of course extremely sad that she’ll have to move into a home. I truly hope they find a good place where she’ll be comfortable and happy.

Well, now I suppose it’s time for the good news. The good news is twofold, but none of it is big news.

* I called the IRS about our tax return as I had heard nothing since I sent a copy of our wedding certificate (to prove our name change) over a month ago. Not only did they not immediately audit and then shoot me, they told me we’ll get our return in 3-4 weeks. As good as can be expected, considering.

* Our 3rd podcast episode is up now! We were going to record tomorrow, but decided to do it tonight while the retreat was still fresh in my mind.

I didn’t get to knit or spin today, because of work and then recording/editing the podcast. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll get to ply up those singles, and Wednesday is of course craft night. To those involved: Any ideas for a meeting place? My requests for a location: within a short drive (preferably within 1 mile, in case I have to walk) of my apartment; good lighting; comfortable seating for a group of 5-6; open past 9 on Wednesdays; not too loud; something to eat/drink available.


I just heard from my mom. Apparently my Grandma misunderstood- it’s not her hip but her pelvis that is broken, and there’s no way to set that or do surgery to fix it. They will be continuing the physical therapy they’ve been doing and apparently they have some hope that she’ll eventually be mobile again, so all in all it’s much better than originally thought. Yay!


Home again, home again April 26, 2009

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As much as I like going away for a while, I love coming home. Not only is my husband and all of my stuff here, but kitties! Bonus awesome. I missed kitties, even if they do try to climb into my lap when I’m spinning but avoid me when I want to cuddle.

I spun up the rest of the “anton” fiber singles today, but didn’t get to ply them yet. Pictures after I do, probably tomorrow or Tuesday. After I got home, I made a couple of greeting cards (just quick ones, nothin’ fancy) for my new penpals that I got on Rav!

Here’s the one for Robin (HappyCat).

Pink card

And here’s the one for Esther (scrubmonkey).

Pirate card

The insides are blank. They’re just little hello cards as I don’t have any stationery. I like this better, anyway.

ps, if anyone wants to see ALL the craft retreat photos, mine and my mom’s are both here.


The weathermen lied April 25, 2009

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According to the forecast, it was supposed to be rather dreary up here in Grantsburg, WI this weekend. Yesterday we had bit of a rainstorm, so we expected it to continue today. It was grey this morning, but as the day went on it turned out gorgeous– warm, but not hot, and sunny.

Perfect for photos!

My mom and aunt made paper from a kit today, it came out beautifully.


I spent a lot of the day spinning, again. I tried out a bit of a carbonized bamboo sample I picked up a while back. It wants to spin really, really fine. Like, sewing thread fine.


I spun up a little over half of the “anton” fiber I started spinning a while ago. I love the way it’s turning out.


I also cast on for my Summer’s End cardigan today, but since I only got about 50 stitches into row 1 it’s nothing to look at yet.

We’re going home tomorrow evening, so tomorrow’s blog post will be made from my own bedroom! Kind of exciting, because as much as I like the select comfort bed I have here, the pillow rather gives me a headache. Wrong neck support, or something.


We may just move in April 24, 2009

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I’m at the retreat with my family now, and this place is amazing. It’s huge, the chairs are super comfortable, there’s wireless internet, and the beds are select comfort.

We may not leave. I’ll just import my husband, and I’ll be set!

Here’s some photos of the workspace. I tried to get some of the rest of the house but they were blurry.

workspace 1

workspace 2

I spent today spinning, mostly, and I did a few rows of the shawl. We didn’t get here until 3ish, so I didn’t get a whole lot done. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.