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*gasp* Pictures?! March 28, 2009

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I remembered to take photos today- plus I actually have something to take photos of.

Janelle came over today, and we spent most of the day in the living room- her on the ps2 replaying FFIX, and me knitting.


My sock yarn for the sock swap I’m in came in the mail today, and I cast on- I’m doing toe-up Monkey socks, two at once using magic loop. I love this technique!

Los Monos LocosI cannot get an accurate color on this yarn in photos. The green isn’t THAT bright, and the pink is more vivid, but my camera doesn’t seem to understand that. Ah well, it’s very pretty and VERY soft. It’s this yarn– merino cashmere nylon. Great stuff.

Also, since I didn’t share this before- Autumn and Tiffany gave me a birthday present last weekend that is just awesome– an elephant tea set and tray!

Elephant!Really cute, and a good sized pot for 2-3 people. Thanks guys!


2 Responses to “*gasp* Pictures?!”

  1. Kathy Sammartano Says:

    Those socks are going to be very cute.
    And that teapot is terrific.

  2. You Know Who Says:

    *lazes around on your couch*

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