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Short, yes. Sweet not so much March 25, 2009

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I will refrain from going into much detail about today. Suffice to say it was a Very Bad Day up until about 4:00 pm. Not long-term bad- I still have a job (though I was very close to quitting) and I didn’t kill anyone (though mentally there was a wee slasher film playing in my head most of the day), but that’s really the best you can say for it. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.

In the mean time, how about some nice pictures of yarn, eh?


Yep, I finished spinning the angora/ramboulliet blend last night. I only had 1.5 oz, so it’s a small skein (about 84 yds of sportweight yarn) but it’s quite soft and bloomed nicely. The angora gives it a bit of a halo.

Scale shot

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. For those keeping track, I spun it on a 0.9oz Butterfly Girl Designs spindle that Nicole gave me for my birthday, and Janelle gave me the fiber.

At knittin’ kitten tonight (which was bizarrely empty- only three of us showed up!) I didn’t accomplish much. I was very tired, so I just knit a bit of my woodland scarf and spun a little BFL. No noticeable progress, really.

Now all that remains to decide is whether I shower tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m leaning toward the latter… I just want to go to bed.


One Response to “Short, yes. Sweet not so much”

  1. Knit Witch Says:

    Sometimes it is hard to get through the day without trying to kill someone, eh?? Great looking spinning!

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