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Greys and Greens March 23, 2009

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Today was a strange day… the morning was grey, and bad, and full of awful. The evening, however, was quite lovely, and full of glimpses of green.

I got to work this morning (in the rain) and found a huge, huge project in my inbox. 2748 entries in a dense, hard to read spreadsheet; each one had to be looked up in a directory, and my boss wanted it done by tomorrow. As if. I got 1070 done and by that time, had a blinding headache and a burst blood vessel in one eye. I got some mild sympathy from coworkers, but didn’t get an offer of help until about 2:30, and nothing came of it (a project leader said something about automating the process, but didn’t elaborate- I think he had a phone call or something to deal with). My lunch didn’t heat right, so the bread was hot and tough, and the gnocchi were cold and slimy.

Just after lunch, though, things looked up. My team lead (not the boss who gave me the project) let me go home at 3 because of the headache, and then I had a lovely nap that banished the headache. I made a quick dinner and headed out to knit with Kelly for a few hours at a coffee shop. On the way there, I was surprised to see that a neighbor had populated their entire deck with huge green plants- plants with leaves. Green leaves. I forgot about leaves.

I had a lovely time with Kelly. I forgot my camera, so here are some phone pictures.


Kelly, working on her FIL’s scarf- which she finished while we were there, yaaay!

StatueThe very cool statue next to me at the coffee shop.

While there, I worked on some more green to offset the grey- my woodland scarf, which I had cast on in December as a bit of a break from Christmas knitting and set aside for a few months. I’d like to finish it for spring, if I can.

Juniper scarf


It’s the Woodland Shawl, only narrower. The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in colorway Juniper, which I think is the perfect name for it. It is exactly the color of summer juniper bushes, just like the ones I used to play with at my Grandma’s as a child. I love this yarn. It has a slight halo, from the mohair, and the colors are just stunning.

Here’s hoping tomorrow yields less grey… and more green. After that rain, it’s a possibility, though the forecast says rain. And then snow. And then more rain.


One Response to “Greys and Greens”

  1. Kelly Says:

    That’s…. a startlingly bad photo of me. 🙂 But the scarf is -gorgeous- and definitely just what this grey, gloomy day needed. Thanks for coming out to knit with me. It was nice to finish the FIL scarf with company. 🙂

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