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Socktime March 22, 2009

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Some days are for lace. Other days are for socks. Today was a sock day, and a productive one at that, because guess what.

Leyburns!Aw yeah. Leyburns complete! I’m really pleased with how they came out. The fit is a tiny bit big, but still wearable inside of shoes, and they are so, so, so comfortable and warm. Great pattern, all ’round- I would do it again, and that’s saying something. I wasn’t sick of it by the end! That never happens!

Leyburns againI’m quite pleased.

We picked up Corpse Bride today in the used section of Electric Fetus– I still can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before, but at least I have now (I’d never been to EF either and I live 2 blocks from it!). It was cute. Not nearly as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, but I’ll definitely watch it again. Fun little movie, and short enough that you don’t feel like you’re using your whole afternoon just to watch it.

Tomorrow, assuming I hear back from my partner, I’ll be starting in on my swap socks. I’m thinking I’ll use my skein of Malabrigo Sock in Caribeno, though I’m not sure on pattern yet. All I know is I’ll be trying two-at-once on one circ, toe up, to use as much yarn as possible.


4 Responses to “Socktime”

  1. Knit Witch Says:

    Those look GREAT!

  2. Abby Says:

    Those turned out great! I just cast on some Leyburns the day before yesterday and I really like the pattern too. =)

  3. Lina Says:

    Ooooh, I LOVE your Leyburns! I really need to make some of those.

  4. harddaysknit Says:

    Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love that yarn with the pattern!

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