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The longest day March 21, 2009

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Today has been probably the equivilent of 3 days already, and I’m sure tonight’s shenanigans will add to the total. I can’t believe it is still Saturday. Feels like it should be Tuesday, at least!

This morning, we got up, made waffles, and headed out to the MN Zoo with some friends to celebrate our friend Kaitlyn’s birthday. The zoo was very cool, but going from the cool, dry outside to the hot, humid “tropics” exhibit gave me one horrendous sinus headache. After the zoo, we went back to Kaitlyn’s and walked up to Mickey’s Diner (a local landmark of sorts) for lunch. We were given the trademark heckofatime finding a seat and horrible service, but the trademark delicious eats as well.

After returning home, I checked the mail and was delighted to find these in the mailbox (I used the etsy seller’s photos as mine didn’t turn out):

Bamboo/merinotussahSea wool4 oz merino/bamboo, 2 oz tussah silk, and 4 oz sea cell/merino. My birthday present from mom! Thanks mom! These are all from Dyeing for Colour on etsy. All gorgeous, I can’t wait to start spinning them up!

I also dyed my hair, today, though I can’t get a good photo of that, either. It is a weird camera day, apparently. Here’s the best one I got.

DyedIt’s red, again, only lighter this time- for spring/summer- with some subtle highlights.

Tonight, we are going out with Autumn and Tiffany to belatedly celebrate my birthday. We’re going to “Psycho Suzie’s”– it’s a tiki bar, apparently. Should be awesome times.


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