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Lightheaded March 20, 2009

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I got a haircut tonight- a big one. I had a trim a few months ago, but my hair was really just grown out, long, unweildy post-wedding hair and I needed a big ol’ change.

Here is before.

BeforeLooong, wavy, only a couple of layers (one maybe 2 inches shorter, at most, than the other). Boring! Too long to put up. I could go on- I was sick of that hair!

Aaaand here is after (I haven’t dyed it yet, so I’ll probably update this tomorrow post-dye!):

Sassy!Much shorter, lots and lots of layering and choppiness, and some side-bangs. I love this cut! Plus, my stylist and I really hit it off. It was great fun.

I tried in vain to get a shot of the side/back but this is all I acheived…

Side...ishBut yes, it’s very layered and crazy in the back. I’m so much happier with this, and my head feels about 2 pounds lighter. Heck- judging by the hair heap on the floor of the salon, my head probably IS 2 pounds lighter!


3 Responses to “Lightheaded”

  1. Knit Witch Says:

    It looks great! My hubby just cut off about 7″ of my hair the other day – I too was tempted to go get on the scale! Here’s to fun new haircuts for spring!

  2. yarngasm Says:

    Your new ‘do looks great! Rock it out, lady!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Love the new hairdo & the new color! I’m glad I saw this or I wouldn’t recognize you tonight when I saw you! 🙂 Excellent!!

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