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Nupp Nupp Nupp March 18, 2009

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It is rather fun to say, you must admit.

I finished chart 3 of the Desert Rose Shawl today (Aeolian, if you haven’t been paying attention) and the last row includes “nupps” (pronounced noops). A nupp is essentially a stitch increased to several stitches in one, and then all are purled together in the next row. These nupps are made with 7 stitches, so on the purl row you purl 7 together. It is, I must say, FAR easier than I expected, but that’s been true of almost all knitting manoeuvers I’ve attempted.

Here’s the transition chart, complete with nupps.

Transition chart section

Here’s a closeup of a nupp.


It’s still gorgeous and I’m still in love with it.

In other news, I joined a group effort today in the CPaAG Group (don’t ask if you don’t know) on Ravelry in which people who like to knit socks can knit them for someone who does not like to knit socks but wants some, in exchange for something the sockless one can do. It’s called “Who Wants Socks?”. I am partnered with an art-yarn spinner and weaver, so this should be great fun! I’m not yet sure what yarn I’ll use, nor what pattern, though she likes the look of Leyburns a lot. We’ll have to see what I come up with.

(PS! I changed my username on Ravelry from Pinfish to Beeca. I needed a change. Thought I’d let y’all know.)


One Response to “Nupp Nupp Nupp”

  1. Dyddgu Says:

    Aha! Now I know who you are 🙂
    I do wish I’d thought of a niftier name for the thread – I had no idea it would take off so!
    It pleases me that people are enjoying it, though, even if I have goofed a few times on it.

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