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A third of a rose March 15, 2009

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I spent very nearly all day today in the craft room, knitting lace, while Janelle sat next to me doing homework. We set up an extra “desk” (folding table) for her laptop and supplies, and both of us got some good work done.

I am now approximately, by my estimation, 1/3 done with Aeolian.

Yucca?I have completed all 4 “Yucca” chart repeats and am on row 8 of the “Transition” chart (though this photo was taken before starting the “transition” chart). After that, there’s the “Agave” chart and several edge charts, and then I’m done, but since every row gets longer, I’m definitely nowhere near half done yet. For scale, this bit reached nearly all the way across the diagonal of a 12×12″ square blocking tile, so about 17″ wide and maybe 8″ long.

I am still madly in love with the pattern, the yarn, and the color combination, and the beads are getting less cumbersome as I go.

Sea of beads

The only way I could be enjoying this any more is if I didn’t have to do anything else until I finished. Sadly, it’s too complex to bring to work, and I have plans tomorrow evening, so I won’t get to work on this again until Tuesday evening. Ah well. It’ll still be here, waiting.


6 Responses to “A third of a rose”

  1. berlinbetty Says:

    WOW. That looks AMAZING. I can’t wait to see the finished shawl.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I want to grope your shawl.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the next bit of progress. And the beads are -perfect- with the yarn!

  4. Knit Witch Says:

    Holy cow! It looks GREAT!

  5. Lina Says:

    Wow, you’ve done a lot with it already! And it looks amazing. Love the color!

  6. Rose Says:

    Absolutely stunning. I’m jealous as hell 😉

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