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Birth…week? March 9, 2009

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More birthdayin’ hoopla tonight, with my mom and siblings! We met at India Palace, an excellent little restaurant in Roseville, and had delicious food. Then we went back to my mother’s place for cake and presents!

My mom made some truly scrumptious chocolate cake with a layer of peanut butter in the middle. She was worried, because it had stuck in the pan, but I think it was even better than last year’s.

As for gifts, because I know someone will ask: My brother gave me Amelie (my favorite movie ever and I didn’t own it! how does that even happen), my sister gave me some more of that black BFL from Gale’s Art, this time in Cherry Blossom:

Cherry bflAnd some ashland bay merino/tussah in Sea Mist:

Sea mistAnd she’s getting me another BGD spindle!

My mom did this adorable cross stitch for me:

Cat!And also had me pick out some rovings on etsy, which I’ll post when they arrive.

I’ll post more on all this tomorrow, probably. I’m very tired- it’s extremely late. Off to bed with me!

PS: Thanks much to my grandma for the birthday money and card, and to Kelly for the gift certificate! And belatedly, as I got it last month- thank you to my aunt Pat for the (beautiful handpainted) card and birthday money! 🙂


One Response to “Birth…week?”

  1. autumn Says:

    That cross stitch kitty is so adorable! He looks so very pleased with his musical abilities. 🙂

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