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birthday guest blog does not suck March 7, 2009

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In honor of Becca’s birthday today we, Cory and Janelle, are doing a guest blogging today:

At 10:30 Janelle came over and they went to the Fiber Studio  and Janelle bought Becca roving and Becca bought a spindle.  Commence rovinglist: 4 oz-ies of periwinkle -100 % bamboo, 4 oz-ies of black biffle dyed jewel tones, 2 oz-ies caramel colored 100 % soy silk, 1.5 oz-ies verigated bunny ball mint green, 2 oz-ies red violet merino.  The spindle is 1.0 ouncez with a butternut whorl(sounds like a magic thingy, something to do with the ether).

They were there for like a long time.  They went to pick up Nicole and Kiah and met Kristen at Taco Bell.  Then on to Three Kittens where we met up with Kelly and Becca bought more yarn and stuff.  Then to Coldstone Creamery and had a roaring good time.  Becca had birthday cake remix.  It was probably uber.  After coldstone they all came back to our place.  Nicole learned how to drop spin yarn and Becca started two new drop spinning projects.  They made me make the sheep noise like 20 times.  Then we went to Brits Pub at seven-ish and hot lots of good times and Janelle again took for ever to eat food.   It was fun walking home a lil’ pished.  Which is when Janelle and I are making this blog entry.   PICTURES! *hands in the airs*

Presents are: Kiah made her artwork, Nicole got her 1.1 ounce stone spindle and 3.5 oz of merino/cashmere/camel silk… and a story.  Janelle got her some good stuff.  I got her blocking mats/wires and cleaned the apartment.  Matt got her a pen in disguise as a crayon.

!don’t forget it’s daylight savings tonight yo!


One Response to “birthday guest blog does not suck”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thumbs up to the guest bloggers!

    Also, Sean and I owe you guys one…

    I was sitting here at 10:30 this morning reading this, and realized, no, wait, it’s not 10:30, it’s 11:30, and we need to leave RIGHT NOW to get Sean to the airport for his flight to San Diego! If I hadn’t read this entry, he’d have missed his flight.

    I had an excellent time yesterday! 🙂 And now I want more ice cream.

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