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Candy what now? March 4, 2009

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My goodness, whatever could this be?


I got my knitpicks box today! I got home and it was sitting on the kitchen counter. Hoorah! In it were a set of blocking mats (they interlock like a puzzle), a sweater stone for pill removal, and these:

Bathrobe fixings

The book and yarn for the baby bathrobe. Nine skeins of CotLin in Moroccan Red, and one in Creme Brulee (I didn’t name them, don’t ask me). I don’t, however, have the needed size 5 and 6 needles… so until I get those, I will just have to work on other things.

I worked on the Leyburns at knittin’ kitten tonight, but I won’t bore you with yet more photos of unfinished socks tonight. I’ll just leave you with this poor quality photo- I didn’t have my camera with me, this was taken on my phone… This is Diana’s current cross stitch project.


Yep. It says Candy Ass. (Why yes, it is a Subversive pattern. Well spotted.)


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