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It’s late and I’m tired March 1, 2009

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So sadly, no big long post today. I’m just too tired and it’s officially my bedtime. Therefore, here are a few photos for your amusement.

Sock toeHere’s how far I got on the toe of the sock today- not much farther than yesterday, really, as today was primarily spent on errands, chores, and fetching ice cream cake with Janelle for our birthdays (we got peanut butter chocolate from Cold Stone- it’s really good).

Here’s something Janelle wanted me to share- I didn’t, when posting the pictures of the bag I made, specify that the main point of it was so that I could walk around and knit. The yarn feeds up from between the handles, like so:

Yarn feeding

And with the bag on my wrist I can still work on my project, like this:

Workin'It’s quite handy.

Also, today, I salvaged what I could of an old, old sock project (from about a year ago) that was shredded by my cats one weekend that we weren’t home. It looked like this, before…

BaudelairesIt was (at one point anyway) the Baudelaire socks by Cookie A. The yarn was dragged all over the apartment and was in three or four pieces. I pulled it apart, cleaned it up, rewound and spliced the yarn (russian join- it’s superwash) and ended up with this:

Baudelaries- all better

It wasn’t actually as bad as I’d thought. The yarn itself was split in several places, but the knitted fabric was undamaged. Once I finish the Leyburns I’ll put some needles back in this thing and get it going again.


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