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Inspirational February 28, 2009

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When we moved into our current apartment last July, I was suddenly thrust into a strange and delightful world nearly entirely new to me; the world of the Craft Room. My mom and I had set up something like a craft room when I was in high school, but it’s never quite the same if you have to share, and I was very excited to try to set up the perfect working space for myself. In that interest, I put out a call to friends for artwork to put in my room; I carefully planned the layout of the furniture I had available, and purchased a hutch and shelves to maximize surface area and storage; and I attempted to set things up to provide myself with the maximum inspiration possible within the space I have available.

However, since we moved in, I have sat in that room and worked a grand total of maybe five times. This has bothered me quite a lot, really, since it’s such a wonderful asset to have, I can’t help but feel guilty and confused about not utilizing it. Since a big part of what I’m doing this year for myself is ridding myself of guilt, I’ve decided that I need to fix whatever it is about the room that is not calling to me and getting me to sit down in there and create.

I started in on it today, with some reorganization- mostly of my yarn. I’ll take you on a bit of a tour- if you want more details, a flickr set with notes is here.

This is my desk.

DeskUp until today, the top cubby held an assortment of costume pieces from Halloween and a few papers. Now, it holds yarn- but not just any yarn. That is all, except for two sweater quantities, of my new, unused yarn, including a couple of skeins of handspun. It kind of makes me weep a little that I only have that much that is new. Oh well.

The leftovers live on the other side of the room, here:


And here, with the two aforementioned sweater quantities:

Ball ends and sweater yarn

The yarn in the drawer is useable amounts of leftovers; the stuff in the sheet-bags is ball ends, too little to do anything with.

Why, you ask, do I not count all of those seemingly unused skeins in the drawer as new yarn? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I’m neurotic, and have this weird and totally stupid delusion that knitting something for someone with leftover yarn is like inviting them over for dinner and serving leftover food. It’s totally tacky and I can’t bring myself to do it. It also helps that, like my inability to happily do a pattern twice, I have an identical distaste for using the same exact yarn twice (same color and all). It’s boring.

Meanwhile, my spinning supplies live in the bottom drawer.


And my spinning wheel is across from the dresser and shelves.

Wheel and basket

As you can see (more if you check out that flickr set above) it’s a reasonably tidy space, full of color, and as of today I finally have yarn in plain view (something that has been bothering me about the room was that all my yarn was hidden away). There are still a few things to fix before it’s truly comfortable.

One is the lack of audio entertainment- either music or podcasts. I have a cd player, but I don’t particularly care for cds, as they are so limited. I have an mp3 player, but since I have no speakers for it, I have to use headphones, effectively cutting off all communication with anyone around. Since I don’t live alone and I quite like talking to my husband, that doesn’t work for me. So I’ll be working on solving this issue, along with the fact that I have to go into the bedroom to communicate via internet or check ravelry. You wouldn’t think a 15 foot walk would be such a hassle, but when I’m in the spinning groove and have a few ounces of predrafted fiber on a cloth on my lap… it gets to be a real sore point when I hear the “bink” of google chat telling me someone’s talking. (And no. I can’t ignore it. I like people.)

In other news, I finished up the first Leyburn sock today, and it fits pretty well! It’s maybe a little long, but is very comfortable.

Leyburn 1I’m a few rows into the foot of the second sock, now.

I feel like, throughout the day today, I’ve been coming up with topic after topic to talk about on the blog, but I can’t fit them all into one post- I’m already at 775 words at this point!- so tonight, I’ll leave you all with a series of questions… one that’s been occupying much of my headspace lately.

What is guilt, to you? Does it serve a purpose, or is it just a negative thing? Do you harbor lots of guilt, and if so, does this bother you? How do you feel it helps or hinders you?


3 Responses to “Inspirational”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I love the photos of your space. I’m still fighting with my space, but once I get it sorted out, it’s got potential.

    Looks like my tiebreaker vote for the socks was a good choice, given how quickly you’re moving on them. The completed one looks gorgeous!

    As for your question(s):

    Historically, I have held a lot of guilt. Over things I have done, things I didn’t do, things I influenced others to do/not do. For a clear majority of my life, it’s been a significant source of stress, heartache, and pain in my life. And I tend to apologize for everything, the result of abusive relationships in my past, where everything was my fault, even when it really wasn’t. So, the guilt was given an extra level of not-awesome in my world.

    And even now, I struggle not to feel guilty over everything, even those things that really aren’t my fault. It’s put some strain on my relationship with Sean, since he’s not That Guy, and it’s hard on us when I react like he is, even though I know logically that he’s not. Deep-seated reactions like that are hard to just shrug off. They need to be un-learned, just as the initial reactions were learned over time.

    So, the guilt ends up taking a negative toll, not just on me but my most important relationship. I’ve been at least trying to spin it positively – to see the positive thing(s) I can pull out of the initial guilt reaction. So, I’m trying to make it serve a purpose until my brainmeats can automatically go to the “here’s an issue, let’s just solve it” part without the guilt. Because the guilt just makes everything more difficult, at this point.

    Although, my guilt over the things that went wrong in my first marriage is a part of what keeps me working so hard to not repeat those things in this one. I’m not 100% successful, but it’s a reminder marker, so I guess it helps in that way.

    I don’t know how much insight this provides, but it’s what’s whirling around in my head right now, after reading your questions.

  2. Lina Says:

    I really like your craft room… and I’m SO jealous you have the space to have one! I can’t wait to be able to have one myself… if I ever do, LOL.

    Oh and your Leyburn sock looks wonderful! I really would love to knit that one day.

    As far as your question, I do feel guilty sometimes about random things but I always try to keep myself from doing so by either 1) fixing whatever it is that is making me feel guilty or if that’s not possible then 2) reminding myself that it’s done and over with and feeling guilty is just plain silly. Now it doesn’t work all the time, but if I really make a conscious decision to do this it does help!

  3. berlinbetty Says:

    Rockin Sock! I’m jealous of your craft room, for some reason, my daughter has to have her own room. So no special space for me. I won’t admit any guilt cuz I’m perfect.
    By the way, I’m giving you a blogging award, cuz you rock.

    Check it here

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