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Almost Socks, and an open invitation February 25, 2009

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I got a lot done on the brown socks today! I made a mini goal (not a deadline, a goal) of finishing these by midnight Saturday, and I’m now about 1 inch from starting the toe, so no worries.

nearly a sock!

I’ll be really glad to get these done and offa my needles.

I had a great time at knittin’ kitten tonight. Janelle was sick so she couldn’t come 😦 but we had a good time anyway. Kelly (who I met at DKN a couple of weeks ago) came this time, too, and also gave me a ride home (thanks again!). Fun times.

Now! For the invitation. As you all should know at this point, because I shout it from the rooftops, my birthday is coming up one week from Saturday (March 7th)! I am having party times. If you’re reading this, feel free to come along! We will be starting at 3 Kittens Needle Arts sometime in the afternoon, then going to Cold Stone Creamery for delicous frozen goodness. After that, we’ll all head to my place for knitting (or watching other people knit, for Janelle) and socializing, then off to Brit’s Pub for dinner.

Here is what you Need to Know:

  • if you want to come for the whole afternoon, email me at blackbirdswings at gmail dot com so I can fill everyone in on when we’re meeting. Carpooling is recommended, though I’m afraid the car I’m riding in is already full.
  • if you just want to meet at dinner, we’ll be meeting around 7pm. Please email me, also, coz I need to call ahead and let them know how many are coming. Brit’s Pub is on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, and weather permitting we’re just going to walk from my place. It’s only a few blocks. If we need to park, though, bring some cash/quarters for a ramp/meter.
  • presents are not necessary, but always appreciated 🙂 As for what… when in doubt, yarn is always good. Fiber= same story.

*disclaimer: those embarrassed by walking around with a fat girl in a tiara should consider not attending. There may (read: will) also be drunken shenanigans. Come prepared.


One Response to “Almost Socks, and an open invitation”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    *wonders who was going to try and put a tiara on her* Kidding! I know it’s for you…

    Sorry about being sick, I wanted to meet the new girl… 😦

    Can’t wait for your birthday! Then we can be the same age again!

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