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Shenanigans! February 24, 2009

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Today, as previously stated, is Janelle’s birthday. I had already given her gift to her, last Thursday, so today I settled for some smaller things- took her out to lunch, gave her a card and a balloon, and baked her some cookies.

Soft Chocolate Cookies

Some very cake-like chocolate cookies. I’m mailing half to Matt, whose birthday is tomorrow, as soon as I get my HEAD out of my BUTT and freaking write down the address before I leave the building so that when I get to the Post I can actually mail them. Grrrr. (Yes. I forgot to write it down TWICE TODAY.)

I started my new spinning project last night, though I didn’t get very far. This batt has a story.

Anton batt

Back when I used to plurk quite a bit, I responded to a thread regarding one’s first kiss. I told my story- my first boyfriend, Anton, and I went to see “The Mummy” at the movie theater (we were in 7th grade) and he kissed me during the movie. It was actually pretty gross, and I was too young for that junk, but it was still my first kiss. So, I told my story, and a couple of hours later a well-known Etsy seller (sugarbeestudios) was reading the thread and snapped up a bunch of the first kiss’s names for use in her shop, as her batts are called “One Night Stands” (non-repeated) and have boy’s names. She mentioned that she’d taken the names in the thread, so I swung by her store. I quite like her shop, but was very surprised to see this batt pop up, named “Anton”!

For some reason, it struck me as quite odd for someone else to purchase and spin a batt named explicitly after my first boyfriend and first kiss, and I also quite liked the look of it (unlike my first boyfriend- sorry dear, you were 13, all 13 year olds are awkward and funny looking) so I bought it right away. The seller also did a custom “Cory” batt but that’s a tale for another time.

I’m spinning this up in long color repeats. It has a lot of sparkle and some silk carded in, too, so it’s very shiny.


My goal is to get a sport-weight (or slightly heavier) 3-ply.

The main reason, however, that I only have that much done… well, you can ask these guys.

final fantasy VII

Janelle lent me her copy of Final Fantasy VII, which I haven’t played in… oh… probably 8 years now… so that’s where my evening went. I may go spin now… or I may play the sims. We’ll see. Had a long, busy, hard day. Not sure I feel like doing anything productive.


4 Responses to “Shenanigans!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Firstly: Happy birthday, Janelle! 😀

    Secondly: THAT GAME EATS SOULS. I’ve never been a gamer, but I spent 60+ hours one summer playing FFVII and very nearly beat it, except I didn’t quite have the materia or levels needed to beat Sephiroth’s final form, and the goddamn disc glitched every time I tried to leave the crater. I was stuck in the same crater with the final boss and never beat him. This happened twelve years ago and I am STILL MAD. Grumble.

  2. You Know Who Says:

    Firstly: Thanks Nicole!

    Secondly: Thanks Bex!

    Thirdly: Nom nom nom!

    Fourthly: Because of that game, I was humming One Winged Angel from 5pm-11pm today. Finally we (a classmate and I) found the song on YouTube and listened to it to get it out of our heads.

  3. Lina Says:

    Ooh I want cookies!!! They look amazing.

    And can I just say that Shenanigans is the best word ever! I use it all the time. I think everyone should say Shenanigans at least once a day. I always feel better when I do. 😉

  4. berlinbetty Says:

    Um, I think you need to send some of those cookies my way. I think they’ll cure carpal tunnel pain. That roving is GORGEOUS and sparkly! What are you going to make with it?

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