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Zooom February 21, 2009

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I had heard that this sock pattern went quickly. I’m willing to admit it- I didn’t really believe that a pattern wherein you do not knit 45% of the stitches every fourth row could possibly go quickly. I was willing to bet that it would, in fact, take significantly longer than your average sock.

I was wrong. They were right.

Socky goodness

I only worked on the sock for a couple of hours today, on and off, and I’m already just 2 rows from turning the heel. This is mind-boggling.

I’ve been idly working, one short yard at a time, on a rather old spindle project that I started to pass the time at a relative’s cabin this past summer (oh how I want to be back there right now…). It’s just some plain old forest green wool. I’m spinning up approx. sport weight singles, no idea what the end product will be.

Spindle project

I’m really quite liking this whole “work on whatever I want whenever I want to” thing. I may never get anything done again, but hey- at least I’m happy, right?

Tonight Cory and I went over to his father’s place to get help on our taxes. We ended up not really needing any help, but we had dinner together and had a nice time anyway. I’m very, very pleased with the amount we’re getting back, as well- because we were both full-time degree seeking students for a portion of the year, we were able to deduct a huge portion of our tuition payments. We were hoping to take a bit of a vacation this summer, and this money will definitely facilitate that, as well as bolstering our savings and paying some bills! Very exciting.


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