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What’s Large and Damp and Lies on the Floor? February 16, 2009

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Comfort Wrap; Plymouth Yarn Boku, 9.25 skeins (~915 yards); Totally Autumn pattern (one repeat narrower and 2 repeats longer); knit on size 10 addi turbos. Finished size 68″ by 28″.

Yes, the wrap is finally done. I finished it around 3:30 today, and had it blocking by 4:15. The finished size is exactly right, and even unblocked it fit nicely around me, so I think it should be a nice cozy size for my aunt (who is much more slim than I am).  And I am SO glad to be done with it.

Now, as stated previously, I am taking a break from any and all deadline knitting. If I have previously told you I’d make something for you, please do not pester me to work on it or finish it. I may work on it if I decide that is what I feel like working on, but I’m not going to “buckle down” and finish any one specific thing. I’ll get back to that sort of thing when I’ve recovered, because for the last 7 months I have done nothing but deadline knitting. Sometimes they were self imposed deadlines, sometimes holiday gift deadlines, and sometimes challenge deadlines, but I haven’t had the freedom to do whatever I like whenever I want to since last August. Maybe even before that, I can’t remember.

Since all I really did today is knit, I don’t have much else to say. I knit a few more rows on the heel flap of Cory’s Deadly Boring Brown Socks®, but as my hands kind of hurt from marathon knitting the wrap all day I quickly set it aside. Size 1 needles + stringy yarn with no bounce + already painful thumb joint = bad.


One Response to “What’s Large and Damp and Lies on the Floor?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    It’s gorgeous!! 🙂 Thanks for posting photos. I can see why you’d want to take a break from deadline knitting.

    My black scarf, that managed to lose its pattern completely, has been cast aside, in favor of a nice Noro Chirimen yarn, in a black/grey/taupe colorway, that’s making me happier, and still has black in it for my father-in-law. And it’s 1×1 stockinette, so the pattern’s a little easier to handle with adult beverages (and it’s not solid black yarn!).

    Glad to see that you were able to get past “Seven of Nine” by your deadline. 🙂

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