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I lied about the pictures February 15, 2009

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Because I forgot my camera. All day.

I made double chocolate brownies this morning, for tonight’s dinner, and then almost right away went over to Nicole’s for fun and shenanigans. We picked up Nicole and Kiah and went to Taco Bell for lunch, then headed to Target for cheap chocolates and hair dye for Nicole. For those that don’t know, Nicole has had bright blue hair for the last couple of years, but has recently decided it isn’t worth the hassle anymore. She chose a golden brown, but it ended up dyeing her roots a pale gold and the pinkish faded blue ended up a very pretty raspberry color. It’s not what she expected, but it looks really cool, so she isn’t complainin’.

We watched some bloopers and extras from a few shows/movies and hung out for a while, and then around 4:15 we headed home. After a bit of a nap (I had a headache all day) I started working on dinner, as Mike and Kaitlyn were coming over. I made an Asian salad (spinach, carrots, mushrooms, and  cashews with teriyaki sauce), biscuits, and corn-tomato risotto. They brought a bottle of Reisling with them, as well, and then we had the brownies and some ice cream for dessert. Everything seemed to go over quite well.

Afterwards, we played Apples to Apples for a while and then played some Guitar Hero. It was a very nice evening- a nice whole day, actually- and the best part is, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. YESSS.

I got about half done with repeat 8 of the wrap, and I’m nearing completion. I am still pretty confident that I can get this finished tomorrow, especially since we have basically nothing going on (except cleaning the massive amount of dishes from tonight’s dinner and maybe baking some bread). The issue is going to be blocking… where I’ll do it (probably the craft room floor) and how long it’ll take to dry (probably 2 days). I hope to mail it on Wednesday.


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