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Vamlumtimes Day is serious times. February 14, 2009

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Happy Day Before Cheap Chocolate Day, everyone! Hope you got what you wanted if you wanted something, or did what you wanted if you had plans. Me? I cleaned. Ohhh did I ever clean. Cory and I each took half of the apartment and deep cleaned the heck out of it. My side was the bathroom, craft room, and bedroom. Everything looks so much better… now if only it would stay this nice!

Other than cleaning, we got some groceries (as we’re having company for dinner tomorrow), and then we ate popcorn and watched Young Frankenstein. Cory hadn’t seen it, but it’s just one of those Mel Brooks movies you’ve gotta see.

I finished the 7th repeat today, as well, in between cleaning sprees, and I’m a few rows into rep. 8. I hope to finish 8 tomorrow. It’s getting really long now- long enough that I can almost use it as a blanket while I’m knitting it.

Short entry tonight, as it’s so late. Sorry about that. I’ll have more- and probably pictures- tomorrow.


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