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Seven of Nine February 13, 2009

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You will be assimilated.

Man, I’ve been waiting since skein 3 to make that Star Trek reference. I am so pathetic! But it is totally still funny.

Yes, I am now 1/2 done with skein (and repeat) 7 out of 9 total. It’s long enough now that people do one of these -> O.O when I pick it up, and then they say something like “wow, that’s huge!”. I feel pretty good about the progress- that means between now and Tuesday, I have 2.5 repeats to do. No problem, as long as I stick to it.

I did this half-repeat at Drunken Knit Night,  a once-monthly group that meets at Merlin’s Rest pub. It’s a huge group, and a lot of fun. This is only the 2nd time I’ve gotten to go. Cory likes it too- the same night is Kilt Night at that pub, so he gets an excuse to wear his kilt. He loves that thing. I met a bunch of people, and one is even planning to go to Knittin’ Kitten (as she’s in the market for a knitting group and we hit it off pretty well).

Tomorrow is the day I lovingly call “The Day Before Cheap Candy Day”- or “Vamlumtimes Day” if I’m feeling StrongBadish. Cory and I don’t really celebrate in the traditional, Hallmark, flowers-and-candy sense of the word, but we do like to take a lazy day to spend just being together, no real chores or deadlines. We’ll probably just laze about tomorrow. I intend to knit and watch some tv, and maybe bake something. We’re still out of bread.

Sunday’s a bigger day- we’re having guests for dinner, and probably hanging out with Nicole in the afternoon, so we have to work out what to make, buy the ingredients, hang out with Nicole, and then run home, cook, and be charming hosts for a while. Which means part of tomorrow will be spent cleanin’ (boooo).

I feel a touch guilty about the frequency of no-photo posts lately. As I’ve been knitting the same dang thing non-stop for 3 weeks… I just can only post so many photos of the same thing a couple of inches larger, or at a slightly different angle. 😛 More photos once it’s done- promise.


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