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Perhaps an intervention is in order February 12, 2009

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I love silk.

Mulberry silk

I love it. I love the feel of it, the sheen of it, the way it catches gently on every ridge of your fingers…


I love the way it smells, the way it can be both firm and soft, the way it drapes…


I love all the different types of silk- mulberry silk, bombyx silk (though I’ve heard it’s another name for Mulberry), tussah silk- I even love fake silks, like soy silk and corn silk, just because they share a name with silk. I love everything about silk, and it is by far my favorite fiber.

Another closeup

My 4 oz of mulberry silk arrived today from Crystal Creek Fibers, as you can see. It is… incredible. If you don’t believe me, come over and stick your hand in it. I dare you.

Also, as it happens, the silk is the perfect motivator for me to do two things. 1. Get better at spinning and 2. Finish this wrap so I can work on spinning. I plowed through another half a repeat, and I plan to finish repeat 6 before bed, or at least get dang close. The wrap is now at 40 inches, unstretched, meaning I’m close to 2/3 done. My initial estimate of 11 skeins was high. 9 repeats should be exactly right, and since 1 skein is just about exactly one repeat, I should be able to do 9 repeats and both borders with 10 skeins, no problem. It may only take 9, we’ll see when I get there. There is in fact such a thing as too long. Goal: 70 inches max, blocked (probably 65 unblocked).

In the interest of finishing the wrap ASAP, I’ve not worked on the pattern, but assuming I get the wrap done by Monday (still very possible at this rate) I should still be able to publish on Monday or Tuesday. I don’t have work on Monday, so plenty of worktime.

Speaking of work- quick note- those of you who’ve known me for more than 9 months know that when I started my job I was doing something I really, really hated, but in about October I started filling in for a lady that went on medical leave. I like her job WAY more and had been just dreading the day she’d come back and I’d have to go back to IMAC hell. Today, I got the news that if she does ever return, she’ll be doing a totally different job, and I’ll be doing this one permanently, no matter what! I’m really happy about this. It makes my job infinitely more liveable to know I’ll never have to go back to that crap fulltime, just when my coworker that still does the job is out. Yay!


One Response to “Perhaps an intervention is in order”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    I am certainly plotting to come over and stick my hand in it. For sures. Probably my face too.

    Though I have already heard the good news, congratulations. At least you do not hate it.

    For now, I will drool from afar at your silk. (Y’know, ‘cuz I can’t drool near it. That’s be gross and gross and bad.)

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