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Bonus post! February 12, 2009

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Second post of the day, I know, craziness.

I just got a random, out of the blue message on Etsy, from someone who had noticed my shop lying fallow, so I decided to go ahead and relist all of my old shop items I have sitting around. I’m also doing a promotion to benefit the victims of the Australian bushfires- 10% of all proceeds from now til March 7 will go to the Australian Red Cross.

Etsy is here. Look! Buy! At least maybe consider buying!

PS. I know my photos stink, but I can’t be bothered at the moment. I’m trying to clear this stuff out so I can move on to selling primarily patterns.


One Response to “Bonus post!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I still adore that crocheted eggplant I bought off you. It is cute and squishy and lives on my bedside table just to make my life more random. (If no one buys that egg I will take it and stack it on top of the eggplant to make my life punnier as well.)

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