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Should’ve just gone back to bed February 10, 2009

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I woke up this morning to the alarm, as usual, but for some reason hit “off” instead of “snooze”. Normally, I hit snooze once, Cory gets up when the alarm goes off a second time, I turn the alarm off, and I get up when he gets out of the shower. This morning, I realized I hadn’t hit snooze about 10 minutes after it would have gone off a second time. Neither of us were late for anything, but it threw things off pretty much all day long.

On my walk to work, I go through a small (1 block by 1 block) park. It’s a hill, but the sidewalk cutting it in half diagonally shaves a couple of minutes off of my walk, so I go that way every morning. Today, though, thanks to the bizarre weather (well above freezing during the day with rain, below freezing and wind at night) the entire sidewalk was coated in the ice pack that had been hiding under a layer of packed-down snow. The snow was… well. That park is also our neighborhood dog walking central, so the snow had been yellow primarily, and now was a nice deep layer of yellow-brown water on top of the ice. On my way down the slope, I slipped right onto my butt in this half-inch of mire, and couldn’t stand up until I got off the path. It was that slippery. (Yes, I called Park and Rec and they promised to send a team out to deal with the ice.)

I made my way into work with my wet butt, discovered we do, actually, have a department fax machine (I’ve been laboring under the delusion that we did not for months, and my contractor company is based in MD) and faxed a form… and then realized I hadn’t signed it. (I did fax a signed one, too)

A number of increasingly strange and irritating things came in at work, which I won’t bore you with. Suffice to say, when I came home and, in the process of making dinner, managed to knock over a stack of bowls and break a glass in the sink… I wasn’t surprised. Heck, I wasn’t even really phased. Just picked it all up and kept goin’.

Just one of those days.

In what downtime I had at work (between tickets, really) I retained my sanity with a couple of websites I found while surfing Rav: Not Always Right (great for anyone who has ever, even once, dealt with a customer) and Wordsplosion (mom, check this one out, seriously).

In knitting news, I have now heard back from all of my test knitters. This means I’ve begun editing and laying out the sock pattern in earnest, yay! I hope to have it all done and published by Monday, but no promises. Really oughta be working on the wrap, you see.

Simon was being cute, so I tried to get some photos of him. I was not really successful as he instantly decided the camera strap was a great toy.






2 Responses to “Should’ve just gone back to bed”

  1. Lina Says:

    I’m sorry yesterday sucked so much! I hope things get better today. I have to say that I can’t wait to see your final sock pattern… it’s on my to-knit list! 🙂

    Awww cute fuzzy kitty!

  2. Marie Says:

    LOL, trying to take a pic of a cat is as difficult as trying to take a pic of a toddler.

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