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Excuse me while my brain leaks out my ears February 9, 2009

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Bizarre sort of day today. I got into work only to discover that one of the five printing servers had gone down over the weekend, and 120 printers (that’s probably 500 people at least) were affected. For about an hour or so, our techs couldn’t even figure out what was going on (and I use “our techs” loosely- this is a big, big company with a lot of related groups that for some reason have little to no contact with one another, so working out this sort of situation is a debacle at best). It ended up being some sort of Microsoft update that had blocked a connection of some kind (yea I totally know what the heck I’m talking about, can you tell?!) and they did fix it, but it took a good few hours.

In the mean time, tickets were flooding in about the issue- probably 25-30 in all? And for each one, I called the user, told them the situation, asked them to try printing to another local printer, and closed the ticket. I had a serious case of phone-ear (you know, when you’re on the phone for ages and your ear kind of goes numb and gets sweaty and stuff? That’s phone-ear) by the end of it. It ended up being worth it, because my boss didn’t tell me I had to call them all, she just asked if I would, and since I did it without complaint or anything she was very impressed with me today. Always nice.

It did slow down later, but my brain was so fried by the end of the day that I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting in. “Too busy to knit” is the name of the game at work lately. Got a few rows done this evening listening to podcasts, though. I’m nearly done with rep 5, now.

I made thai peanut noodles for dinner, but the recipe wasn’t very good… they tasted good, but they were way way too sticky, and 4 minutes on med-high heat is just too long to fry garlic and spices. The garlic goes all black.

Cory wants me to mention the car accident we saw yesterday morning on the way to the library. It wasn’t a bad crash- in fact, we hardly believed it had happened, afterwards- but a green car in front of us was attempting to turn 180 degrees in a very tight area. It looked like they pulled some fancy maneuver with their e-brake, giving them a tighter turning radius, but they messed it up somehow and ended up sort of twirling around and bouncing off a white VW, parked nearby. It was bizarre, and happened so quickly, we both sort of looked at each other and went “wait, did that just happen? Seriously?”

Since I spent this evening knitting to podcasts, I thought I might go over my favorites, briefly. I’m sure any serious knitcaster has heard of all of these, but in case you’re just getting into the world of knitting podcasts, here’s the three I think are the best of the best.

Cast On with Brenda Dayne- An American ex-pat living with her partner in Wales. This podcast has “seasons” with themes, essays, and music seperating each segment. She does occasional interviews, as well, and has guest writers like Franklin Habit.

Lime and Violet– Two (well, three) women near Omaha, NE. They are riotously funny… IF you have a rather dirty sense of humor and don’t mind that they don’t actually talk about knitting much. I personally love that- the more tangents, the better- but some people prefer only knitting, ever. (Note: Lime started grad school a number of episodes in and doesn’t make it to the ‘cast much anymore. She was “temporarily” replaced by Carin, another friend)

Stash and Burn– Two women in SF, CA. They pretty much only talk about knitting, which can also be great. They’re very funny (but much less dirty) too. They also do some great interviews. Their original focus was stashbusting, which (as my stash is still practically microscopic) isn’t something I need, but is very interesting to hear about.

All three of these are on iTunes and have websites of their own, as well. I highly recommend them.

I’ve actually thought about doing a podcast of my own, before, but it’s such a huge time (and money) committment that I’m just not sure I could do it. Plus, I personally much prefer podcasts with multiple hosts, so I’d need a cohost, and then there’s the issue of finding time to get together… just not feasible right now. Might be fun in the future, though.


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