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Redirection February 7, 2009

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Today was one of those days where you wake up believing you’ll do one thing, and end up doing totally another. I had thought that I would get up, go to the library around noon, then head to Janelle’s to watch the movie I was getting from the library and knit… but for a number of reasons that didn’t end up happening.

When Cory and I tried to go to the library, there was absolutely no free parking whatsoever to be had for an area surrounding the library with a radius of about 4 city blocks. Unwilling to pay for parking, and having no cash, we decided to take a little trip down to Linden Hills Yarn where I picked up a little something:

lace!2 skeins of Malabrigo lace, color Verda Adriana. Not sure what it’s for yet… possibly a gift. I got something else too but as it may end up as a gift in and of itself, rather than knit up, I’ll say no more about it until I decide.

We walked around in the gorgeous weather down by lake Calhoun for a while, then went back home. I watched two dog shows (one breed, one agility) and some episodes of Dirty Jobs, and knit on the wrap. I’ve got 4 repeats totally done now, and I’m starting the fifth. Also on the fifth skein of yarn, incidentally.

4 repeatsIt is currently about 30 inches long (unstretched), and very nearly half done. Hooray! Ideally it’ll be 70 inches long, blocked, so unblocked 65-66 inches should be plenty.

I made cauliflower cheese soup for dinner tonight. It was not as good without bread- we’re out, I know what I’m doing tomorrow- but still really tasty. My recipe is relatively low fat and only has about a cup of cheese or so in the whole pot, so it’s delicious and not so very guilt-inducing. Always nice when it comes to comfort food!

I’ve gotten feedback and comments from two of my three test knitters now, so I feel pretty good about how things are going with the sock pattern. Assuming things continue at the current rate, I should have it published by my birthday at the very latest (March 7). I’m not sure how I’m going to host it, as it is a pay pattern, and I’m not yet hooked up to beta-test the selling feature on Rav. If anyone has any ideas besides “email me with your paypal address and I’ll invoice you” I’d love to hear it.


3 Responses to “Redirection”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Delicious looking yarn, and also delicious sounding soup. Without my usual wake-up call, I was a bit lost this morning, or I’d have come ’round. As it was, Chris and I picked up the movie from the WBL branch of the library, so if’n you wanna watch it tomorrow, I’m cool with that. Gimme call or somethin’. (I’d like to squish what you’ve got of that wrap, too… looking good!)

    (Also. More cat pictures. Pleeeeze?)

  2. autumn Says:

    I’m sure you could setup another WordPress page (sort of like your about page) for patterns. Then all you have to do is login to Paypal, create a button for it with the amount you want, cut and paste in the code. Additionally, there’s always your good ol’ etsy shop. In fact, you could even put it up both places, and just charge an extra 50 cents on etsy to cover the listing fee. That way you get 2 audiences… yr blog readers + other random etsy surfers.

  3. Kathy Sammartano Says:

    I think it’s highly amusing that your go-to consolation for being thwarted in any aspect of life is “buy yarn”.
    That’s a gorgeous green and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

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