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Confidential Joy February 6, 2009

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Another no photo day, I’m afraid- work continued its pattern of busy-ness that it has been indulging in lately, which I don’t mind. It really does make the day go faster, but it also means I don’t really get to knit at all.

However, this post isn’t actually about knitting, so much… because I got a Very Important Phone Call today.

I can’t give away too many details, because… well, it’s company confidential and I don’t want to lose my job. What I can tell you, though, is that every contractor employed by my company has gotten a significant pay cut in the past few months, and my contracting company has been extremely good about trying to make it fair for everyone, reducing the cut as much as possible, etc. This also means that we’ve gotten individual phone calls when our “time has come” to find out how much our pay has been docked. Today, I got mine.

However. It turns out (and this is where confidentiality comes in) that my boss had put in for a raise for me around the same time as the pay cuts became an issue, and the pay cut and raise sort of “collided” you might say… effectively lowering the amount of my raise, but get this- I’m still making more than I was before.

The best part? I had heard nothing about getting a raise at all, let alone as big as it would have been before the pay cut. I don’t really care that it isn’t that much, though, because any raise at all is better than a 10% dock!

It’s exactly what we needed, considering that my husband’s work decided they didn’t have work for him anymore 2 weeks ago. My raise very nearly covers the amount lost by him losing his job (he’s a full time student, he didn’t make much anyway), so I am feeling much, much, much better about things.

In celebration, I bought myself a little something…. this. 4 ounces of ice-green 100% mulberry silk. I cannot believe what a good deal it is, and I’m so excited to spin it up! I plan to do as fine a laceweight as I can and knit up a fabulous heirloom lace shawl. It’s so beautiful I’m practically passing out thinking that it’s mine, all mine!


2 Responses to “Confidential Joy”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    So that shawl goes to Lily eventually? Unless your sister has a girl, right?

    Awesome that you got a (net) raise! Kind of like an early birthday present! Can’t wait to squish that silk. ;P

  2. Lina Says:

    Congrats on that raise! That is awesome!!!

    Oh and that silk is just amazing. Can’t wait to see it spun. 🙂

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