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Fat lot of nothing February 5, 2009

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Work was busy again today. This effectively means, to you: boring blog post. If you don’t feel like reading ramblings posing as content, you should probably go find another blog to read. Or imagine that I’m talking about something exciting, like dragons. Yeah, dragons. Reading… uh… beat poetry? While fighting Batman?


ANYway. So yes, I got an astounding total of 8 dang rows done today on the wrap, all pretty much in the last half hour or so.

In today’s news:

* I named my new phone. I name my electronics, because at one point Cory told me to name my computer or it would break, and then I realized every electronic device I haven’t named has been problematic… so the new phone’s name is M-O, after the cleaner bot in Wall-E (one of my very favorite movies). M-O was my favorite character, and he was similarly squat and square. M-O stands for “microbe obliterator”, and my phone does look kind of sterile in its little silicone jacket… so I think the name fits well. (Special thanks to Nicole for bringing up the idea of naming it after a Wall-E robot.)

* It was +34 degrees Fahrenheit today! This was SO exciting to me, because after last weekend’s lovely temps, and Monday’s sharp decline to the negative degrees again… I was feeling a little low. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter as much as the next Minnesotan, but good grief I am so done with -20 or lower! To say that walking to work today was a breath of fresh air would be true in multiple ways.

* I took a bit of video on M-O of Simon “playing cards” how he does, but now I can’t figure out how to get it into a format that I can put on here. Any ideas? I already sent it to my “pix place” account but couldn’t figure out what to do next.

* Another movie I’m very excited about comes out tomorrow- Coraline. It’s a claymation movie with tiny handknit sweaters! And it’s an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman book! And it’s creepy!! It doesn’t get much better! I want to go tomorrow, but might not be able to… besides, the theater will be full of scared children, probably…. so we might wait. I haven’t been to a movie in theaters since Chronicles of Narnia, though, so I’m keen to go.

* I’ve decided, after this wrap, that I need to take a good long break from all deadline knitting. My knitter’s ADD has been getting worse by the day and I find myself wanting to spin batts of wool I’d forgotten I had, or knit fair isle mittens even though it’ll soon be too warm for them (please let this be true), just to break the monotony. I’m a pretty rebellious person, too (And, the understatement of the year award goes to…), meaning I even rebel against my own self-imposed restrictions… and then I get all pouty and refuse to knit anything so this is just for the best.

That’s really it, for today, I’m afraid. Quite the dull day (not that I’m complaining- look what happened last time!).


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One Response to “Fat lot of nothing”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Hehe, awesome phone name. M-O sounds like it may help your phone to become a sturdy, purpose-driven little thing determined to get your messages to you on time. Not like my Albus Severus, who is always misleading me about his battery charge level. (Named after the two greatest liars of the series – what did I expect?)

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