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Off-Task February 3, 2009

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We all have those days. Days where we know what we should be doing, we continually tell ourselves to do that thing, but for all our willpower we just can’t seem to sit our butts down and do it.

So it was for me today… The Continuing Saga of Headache No. 58209 didn’t help, of course, but I can’t keep using headaches as an excuse (or I’d never get anything done!). Work wasn’t busy, and nothing else was really going on… I just couldn’t get myself to work on the wrap. Even after my boss complimented the colors (the first time she’s ever said boo about my knitting, good or bad), even after thinking about the recipient’s reaction (usually enough to spur me through the worst of blocks), I just could. Not. Do it.

I still can’t. I just spent an hour of my life reading a snarky thread about how much snark there is on Ravelry (and there actually isn’t much, guys, people are just hell of oversensitive sometimes). Talk about your wastes of time.

I guess it was just one of those days. Sometimes you just gotta give in. I hope the fact that tomorrow is Knittin’ Kitten will spur me on in the morning.

To fill some space, and hopefully give you guys some entertainment, here is a yarn review! (sad cheers and flag wavin’)

Today’s review:

Malabrigo Sock, 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 440 yd per 100g ball.

Rating: ●●●●●

I used this yarn for my Great Uncles “Two for His Nibs/Heels” socks. The colorway I used was called “Alcaucil”, and was a deep olive green. I have another skein of this yarn in color “Caribeno” (Blue, teal, purple) in the stash.


  • Machine washable, hooray! Thus suitable for gift knitting.
  • Gorgeous kettle dyed colors, both in semi-solid and true variegated colorways. Lots of choices.
  • Soft, stretchy, and sproingy, with a great handfeel.
  • Very good stitch definition, great for cables and lace.
  • Good yardage- I knit a pair of men’s US 12 socks with some cabling and still had 1/4 skein left over!


  • In the upper ranges of price. I paid about $19 for this skein, I believe, which is really not bad at all for hand-dyed but may be high for some knitters.
  • This is not your standard fingering weight- it’s a bit lighter. Normal fingering knits for me at 8 sts/in on US 2s (2.75mm) but this yarn knits up at 9 sts/in on the same needles. This may be an issue for some knitters, in terms of getting gauge.
  • No solid colors.
  • No nylon content, so if you’re very worried about holes you may want to use reinforcing thread on the heels and toes, and possibly the ball of the foot. I did not, because I had a fairly firm gauge. Anything looser and I might have considered it.

Overall: I love this yarn! Malabrigo has not yet failed me in the “awesome” department, and I doubt they ever will. This quickly became one of my very favorite sock yarns, and is now a real go-to for me. I love the way it knits up; very squishy even though it is thin, not string-like at all. If you haven’t tried it, do– and if you haven’t tried any Malabrigo, then RUN, do not walk, to your LYS and buy it! It will change your knitting life!


2 Responses to “Off-Task”

  1. berlinbetty Says:

    Aarr, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that yarn! Although, I don’t actually need it. I’ve only knit one sock, which was fun, I just can’t motivate myself to make more.

  2. You Know Who Says:

    Aw… I was hoping there would be pictures today. Hopefully, the group will get you sorted tomorrow.

    And that yarn was very squishy. I liked (to squish) it.

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