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Good times and phat loots January 31, 2009

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Today was long, full, and fun. I called Janelle around 9 to wake her up, and we left for the craft meetup around 10:20 or so. It was a quite large meetup- about a dozen people all told, I’d say, give or take. Sadly I forgot to get photos, but I think some others did, so there might be some hanging around somewhere. I got a good bit of the first wrap repeat done.

A complete leaf!

I still love the way this is coming out. Just LOVE it. The pattern is getting to the point where I get where it’s going, and basically know what to do next, so it’s much easier to see if I’ve messed up a bit or lost my place. Should start moving faster here pretty soon. I’m nearly done with the first ball of yarn, too, which means that one ball= ~6″, so 11 balls =~66″ or 5’5″, a great wrap length. Hooray!

After the meetup, Janelle and I took my mom to get some groceries, and while she was doing that we picked up some stuff at Payless and Office Max. Then we took my mom home, and went to get lunch and go to Wet Paint, a local art supply store, to get some chipboard for a school project Janelle is working on. Here’s what I got:


That’s a pair of work shoes (reg. $23, on sale for $9!), a pair of reading glasses with a tube case (yes, I’ve started needing them already… wah. However, these are GREEN! Woohoo!), a spiral bound graph paper journal for pattern designing, and a really nice eraser with a cap to keep in my purse for designing as pencil erasers just smudge, for some reason.

I’m a little sad about the reading glasses. For my entire childhood and teen years, I wore glasses. Because I have a very lazy, nearly blind eye, I had a very strong prescription in that eye and a rather weak one in the other. My sophomore or junior year of college, I suddenly realized that I really didn’t need them at all- there’s no use trying to make my blind eye see any better, and the other eye was plenty good enough. I could read just fine without them, when I was supposedly far-sighted.

Well, over the last few months, I’ve noticed it was getting harder and harder to stare at a computer screen for hours or read a book in a day without feeling some serious eye fatigue. Thus, I finally swallowed my pride and picked up some pretty green +1.00 reading glasses. I’m still in the adjustment stage and feeling kind of nauseated when I wear them for long stretches of time, but I’m sure that’ll fade. In any case, Cory thinks I’m absurdly sexy in ’em, so that’s a plus I suppose (no, I don’t get it either. Just let it be).

glassesfaceDid I mention they’re green? 😀

Janelle came over for a few hours after all of this to get started on her project, a 1/4 scale model of a park bathroom/rest area she designed for a class (she’s an interior design student and they have to learn this stuff too).


It’s pretty interesting stuff. Wish I’d gotten to do stuff like this in school. Definitely got the wrong degree. 😛


One Response to “Good times and phat loots”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Man, my model looks pretty sweet. (preen, preen)

    I’m glad the shawl’s coming along nicely, now you just have to wake me up tomorrow so we can chillax and work on our (separate) projects together!

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