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Fame, Glory, and Crushing Defeat January 24, 2009

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Apparently, in order to draw blog traffic in the knitting world, all you need to do is post one silly little pattern to Ravelry. First thing this morning I noticed heavy blog traffic, all coming from my Ravelry pattern link. By this evening, I had accumulated 155 blog hits, and 28 people had queued my pattern on Rav. I’m floored, honestly. I suppose it’s probably normal fare for new patterns, but this being my first, I am totally astonished. And excited. And kind of honored.

As for the defeat… well. I had been quite sure that I would have a finished pair of socks to show you today. I was dead sure, in fact- so sure that I am posting quite late because I was unable to accept my inevitable defeat. The worst part? The amount of knitting left is entirely doable. I could, under normal circumstances, finish all I have left on these socks in half an hour, no problem. However, this is not going to happen. I was zooming along, just fine, until about 9pm when I realized that not one, but both of my hands were in increasing pain. I’m not sure if it was caused by the twisted rib specifically, or the cold in my living room, or how long I spent knitting today, or some combination… all I know is that I cannot, without risking further damage, knit another stitch tonight.

This is how close I came to success.


Two rows and the bindoff. That’s all. Two bloody rows and I can’t finish tonight. This causes me so much rage.

(Edit at 11:00 pm on the dot.

I have completed the socks after all, though at moderate personal cost. I’ll be off icing my hand, and gloating to all that can hear about how these bloody socks are finished.)

In order to better show the color of the teal wool, I took a couple of natural daylight photos today while I had the chance. I didn’t spin any today; the amount on the bobbin is all from yesterday.


More teal!

Get used to the teal. Sundays are for spinning. You’ll see more tomorrow, I’m sure.

Other than the knitting until I crippled myself, today we got groceries, and my husband did this:

Puppy chow, y'alls

Nuff said.


One Response to “Fame, Glory, and Crushing Defeat”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Ah! Puppy chow! I want!

    As for the sock, huzzah! When do you think you’ll get them mailed off? (And will you be supplying a little set of pegs and teeny cards, also?)

    Now please allow me to wipe the drool from my keyboard because of the teal (and, y’know, the puppy chow).

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