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Knittin’ with Kittens January 21, 2009

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I went to the new knitting group tonight, the Knittin’ Kittens. They were a really fun group, I had a good time. Janelle came with me for moral support and worked on her drafting homework. Hopefully I’ll be going regularly from now on. While there, I got a couple more sock repeats done.

Sock foot progress

I’m into repeat 5, and over half done with the foot (YAY) so hopefully tomorrow I’ll turn a dang heel and get on with it.

Before we left, I made dinner for Janelle and I (potato, scallion, and corn frittata with mozzarella cheese. No, I didn’t get a photo, it was too yummy) and got one bobbin of opossum wool plied. I’m doing chain ply, and it’s coming out quite nice- still very soft, and bouncy and squishy. I like chain ply, it gives a very finished look. Sadly as this dang yarn is SO fuzzy I can’t get clear photos, so these will have to do. Sorry for the blur, if your eyes water blame my camera.

Plied bobbin number 1

Blurry scale shot(penny included for scale. blurry scale.)

I don’t know if I mentioned what this is going to be. I think I said it will be a hat? Well, specifically, it’ll be an earflap hat. I’m going to spin up some teal wool I have and do a colorwork band near the brim, and a pompom for the top. The flaps will have buttoned-on cords or straps. I’m hoping to have enough to do a matching neckwarmer or perhaps mittens?

Tomorrow I hope to ply up the rest of it and start on the teal. I have missed spinning, and I like the balance of knit and spin that I had today and yesterday (though I’d rather more of work was knitting, to balance out the spinning more).  I may continue this way… knit at work and for a couple hours at home, spin the rest of the time, have Saturday be for knitting and Sunday for spinning. It works pretty well.


3 Responses to “Knittin’ with Kittens”

  1. berlinbetty Says:

    Where did you get opossum fiber? It looks soft and lovely, but the thought of wearing possum freaks me out. There such nasty little boogers. The sock is looking great! You did an amazing job with the design.

  2. sheepishlittleblog Says:

    I got the opossum wool at Detta’s Spindle in Maple Plain. She has so much amazing stuff! I was a little weirded by the idea of it, but it’s from New Zealand opossums, which are very very different from American opossums. Much fluffier and cuter and less awful. (and OHGOD soft)

  3. You Know Who Says:

    I dunno about less awful, but for sure softer and fluffier.

    I can’t wait to have a hat of that, though we didn’t get on that design at all tonight. Maybe if I have time (ha!) I’ll get a bit done before we lunch tomorrow. Not that you’ll see this before then or anything, but…

    Thanks for the delicious dinner, also!

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