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My brain hurts! January 19, 2009

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Headaches seem to be a continuing theme in my life. I used to get migraines. I started taking a medication, they went away, I started getting sinus headaches. Then a few years ago I damaged a nerve in my neck and started getting tension headaches. I’m on a nasal spray for my sinuses now, but I still get the tension headaches, and I had one all day today. Sadly, that meant I basically did nothing fiber related all day long. I cooked some, though.

An odd dish

This is a very strange dish. It’s basically hash browns with green chiles, onions, and some mixed vegetables, and then you mix in some salsa and some spaghetti sauce, and top it with a little cheddar cheese. It’s bizarre, but quite good. That’s the last of the whole wheat bread, by the way, so I guess I know what I’m doin’ tomorrow.

Also today, since we had to go get cat food, we decided to pick out a new comforter. Ours was quite old- from before I knew Cory, actually- and stained, and the filling was lumpy, and it was time for a new one. We found this one at Target for $25.


You will note Simon has already assumed his customary position. The reverse side is a plain dark green, which is nice too. It’s fluffy and I’m quite looking forward to using it tonight.

Well, off to go throw more pills at this headache and whine in front of the TV. Hopefully I’ll get to knit a little tomorrow.


One Response to “My brain hurts!”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Hmm. Your description is not as appetizing as the photo. It looked a bit like squash with peas and carrots and green beans and some pepper. That sounds good too.

    Simon is already king of the new comforter, huh? Well, rub his belly for me.

    Hope the headaches go away. (And stay away.)

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