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I’ll Never Sleep Again January 18, 2009

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Tonight, we watched Pan’s Labyrinth. I don’t know how many of you have seen it, but for those that have: The Pale Man? What kind of twisted person comes up with something like that? Thing’s going to be haunting my dreams for the forseeable future, I can tell you that much. Not to mention that Rorschach-esque uterus thing. Ugh.

That said, I actually really did like the movie. It was twisted, yes, but very beautiful and well done. I’ll admit there were more than a few times where I had to cover my eyes, though.

As I said yesterday, Sundays are now for spinning, so today I spun a full bobbin of that opossum/wool mix.

Possum/wool bobbin

I couldn’t get a clearer photo because of the fuzzy. This time it isn’t the camera- the wool is just that fuzzy, all on its own. I’ll probably do another 1/4 bobbin or so tonight, as I am off work tomorrow (squeeee!), though I may not want to be alone even just in the craft room. (Besides, that creepy painting I did in high school is in the closet in there. I should maybe get rid of that thing. Cory likes it, though.)

I was reading up today about the opossum blend wools and how they are produced. At first, I was put off to discover that the opossums are, in fact, killed to get the fur (you can’t domesticate and/or shear a possum). However, as I read more, it started to make more sense.

The Australian opossum, apparently, was brought to New Zealand during the fur boom by some folks who wanted to corner the opossum fur trade in NZ. Unfortunately they were terrible at tanning and their business failed, so (of course) they released the 100 or so ‘possums they had brought over into the wild.

Now here’s the thing about New Zealand. Prior to these opossums, NZ had no natural land-based predators at all. No cats, no dogs, nothing. It was, however, home to thousands of unique species of (primarily flightless) birds…. birds that knew no fear. Birds that laid their eggs on the ground (you see where this is going, don’t you).

So, essentially, NZ is a lovely smorgasbord for the Australian opossum. Over time they got bigger, and furrier (it’s colder in NZ!), and meaner, and they have caused an estimated 70% of NZ’s extinctions (they eat plants, too- plants only found in NZ). So the government has an annual opossum cull, to reduce the population enough to (hopefully) save a few remnants of the remaining bird population. Apparently, even the big anti-animal cruelty organizations down under approve of this. It’s like killing zebra mussels and purple loosestrife, only fuzzier. And if they’re going to be killed anyway, I definitely prefer that they use as much of the animal as possible!

Also, this stuff is soft, lighter than anything, and much warmer than wool… so– while normally I’m not a proponent of such things– I say, keep on keepin’ on, New Zealand possum hunters! Go save some birds!


One Response to “I’ll Never Sleep Again”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    I can’t wait for this to be a skein of yarn so I can mush my face in it again.

    Pan’s Labyrinth is indeed an awesome movie, if a bit freaky.

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