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One down… January 16, 2009

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I finished the first of the socks today! It really should not have taken me this long, but there was a lot of redesigning and reconfiguring and then I hurt my hand so it took all day to knit 1 inch of twisted rib. But here it is.

Leg done

Twisted rib closeup

I love the way twisted rib finishes a sock, particularly for men’s socks. I just think it’s really classy looking.

I started on the second sock, but after dropping a stitch, forgetting to do any increases at all, and then missing a random increase 2 rows back and having to rip, I decided I was a wee bit too tired to be working on that, and got two more rows in on Wisteria.

Janelle came over tonight (she’s coming over tomorrow, too, but tonight she was bored so she and her boyfriend Chris came over) for pizza and shenanigans.  Cory and Chris watched Southland Tales (I don’t know anything about it but The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar are both in it) and Janelle and I played the Sims 2 some more. We’re working on building a town, but it takes a long time to create all the families, furnish their houses, and get them all into play mode.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Detta’s Spindle out in Maple Plain. It’s the only shop in Minnesota that sells a good variety of spinning wheels (The Fiber Studio on Nicollet only sells Louet brand), and thus I can buy bobbins for my Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel there. I’ve been needing more since… well. Since I got the wheel back in April. It only came with three, and each only holds about 2 ounces (slightly less, really) so if I’m spinning up 4 ounces, not only does it have to be 2 ply (and I have to empty the plied bobbin to ply the other half) but sometimes it doesn’t all fit anyway. I’d like to try 3 ply one of these days so more bobbins are really necessary. Plus, Janelle got some teal wool for me to spin for her ages ago, and I want to do that now, and one of my bobbins is in use.  I plan to get 2 more…. we’ll see how well I do resisting the wool’s fibery lure.

(don’t expect much. I am weak.)

In closing:



(P.S. I get Monday off OMG you guys yay)


3 Responses to “One down…”

  1. empleongirl Says:

    cool nice blog =)

  2. You Know Who Says:

    I don’t get Monday off… Lucky.

    I look forward (I started typing ‘forways’) to more gallivanting and Simsing on the morrow!

    Hopefully you will be up to knitting or somethin’ after our mini road trip. Is there anything that will help your hand?

  3. Chris Says:

    I’m pretty sure that all that food will give Mr. Bear Hat indigestion.

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