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What Exactly Are His “Nibs” Anyway? January 12, 2009

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Today, the beloved Wisteria was put aside for a while, so that I could get started on my Great-Uncle Maury’s “thank you” socks. I spent the morning combing the internet for a pattern. I knew what I wanted– toe-up, since they seem to go faster; size 2 needles, for the same reason and because I just like using them better than other sizes for socks; a masculine, but somewhat interesting pattern; and of course it needed to be free as I am not among the wealthy.

After about 2 hours of this, I gave up. There was nothing available that was really what I wanted. So, I chose to do what one does in these situations… design my own. I’ve knit enough socks before that this isn’t much of a stretch of my abilities; I regularly knit “patternless” plain socks from a recipe. However, these had to be something more than a plain ribbed or stockinette sock. I wanted these to be special.

In thinking about my uncle, and what he might like, I lit upon the one hobby I know he has. Cribbage. He plays in championships, and from what I’ve heard, is quite good and regularly wins the pot. I realized suddenly that it might not be so difficult to convert a cribbage board into a stitch pattern. The wheels started turning and I started scribbling on a blank chart. I came up with this.

Chart and swatch

Swatch closeup

Sorry for the blurry, the yarn is fuzzier than the stuff I’m actually using and the light in this room is poor (so is my stupid camera).

It’s very subtle, and I think I like it that way. It can be seen as a cribbage board if you look closely, but otherwise it mostly just looks like a rather masculine stitch pattern. I’m going to take the 2 knit stitches out from between the “peg” panels and put two extra purls on the outside edge, one on each side. That will make the peg panels stand out a bit more than they do in the swatch.

What does the sock look like now? Well, something like this.

It's a toe

Yep, just a toe at the moment. By the way, can I just mention that I love this yarn? It’s SO soft, and the stitch definition (contrary to how it looks in the blurry snap above) is great.

I will be publishing this pattern once it’s done, and I’ve decided to call it “Two for His Nibs” which is a cribbage playing term. It basically means that when the dealer pulls a Jack as the “starter” card, he gets 2 points. Apparently this is sometimes called “Two for His Heels” but that’s not often used (which is a pity because…well, they’re socks, man).

I quite like designing. I knew I would, but aside from a couple of things I never really wrote down I haven’t designed an actual pattern yet. It’s kind of exciting.


One Response to “What Exactly Are His “Nibs” Anyway?”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Can I nibble on it a bit? Just the swatch, maybe? Please? Just a few for my nibs?

    And now, of course, you will have to make… uh… a Simon-sock pattern or something. To go on Simon. I request four pair!

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